Factors Triggering Asthma

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Emphasizing that asthma can be controlled with the right treatment and that patients should stay away from the factors that lead to attacks

Emphasizing that asthma can be controlled with the right treatment and that patients should stay away from the factors that lead to attacks, Chest Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Nilüfer Aykaç explained the 7 factors that trigger asthma and made important warnings and suggestions.

Dr. Nilüfer Aykaç said the following about 7 factors:

“Tobacco products
Scientific studies; It reveals that exposure to tobacco smoke is the most important risk factor for asthma, as is the use of tobacco and tobacco products. Exposure to tobacco smoke is a very important problem both in causing childhood asthma and exacerbation of the existing disease. Particularly in the womb and after birth, passive cigarette smoke exposure also increases the susceptibility to asthma in children.

Air conditioners, which have become indispensable especially in the extreme heat of the summer months, can trigger asthma if the necessary precautions are not taken. When air conditioners are used without the necessary filter maintenance, they can cause respiratory tract infections due to colonization and make the treatment of asthma patients difficult.

Respiratory infections
viral infections; As it increases the risk of childhood asthma, it can also trigger asthma seriously. For this reason, respiratory tract infections should be treated without delay, and asthmatic patients should be followed up regularly by a pulmonologist.

Air pollution
While asthma is more common in children exposed to air pollution in the womb, childhood exposure also negatively affects lung development. Air pollution can cause a decline in lung function in school-aged children. In recent years, desert dust has also been shown to trigger asthma, causing an increase in admissions to emergency services and hospitalizations.

Occupational factors
Asthma ranks first as the most common occupational respiratory disease in industrialized countries. Occupations are estimated to be responsible for 5-20 percent of working-age adult asthma. In particular, workers in the paint works, bakery, health, furniture, agriculture, cosmetics sectors are at higher risk due to exposure. This asthma is called 'occupational asthma'.

Obesity, one of the leading diseases of our age, is also an important risk factor for asthma. Obese asthmatics have more complaints, have lower respiratory functions and have more frequent attacks. Their response to drugs may also be more difficult.

There is a strong relationship between asthma and other allergic diseases, especially allergic rhinitis. For this reason, detailed allergic evaluation may be useful in terms of diagnosis and treatment in people with asthma. Pollen sensitivity in case of complaints that occur in spring, house dust mite sensitivity in case of complaints that occur throughout the year, especially indoors and at night, mould sensitivity in case of year-round complaints, if there is exposure to mouldy environment, sudden onset symptoms when a cat / dog enters the environment If there is, cat/dog sensitivity is suspected.”


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